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2009 OK  Jamboree

                        October 16 & 17, 2009

        The OK Jamboree for 2009 was held on October 16 -17, 2009.  The events were as follows: 

10/16 Friday -- 

9:30 - 2:30   Set up tents, tables, chairs
4:30 -5:30 - Sausage Wraparounds - Eddie Okonski
5:30 - 6:00 -  B-Branch Comanche Indian Invasion of Ranch,
                      Trail Ride - Cowboys/cowgirls, Low Boy Riders
6:00 - 6:30 - B-Branch Comanche/Cowboy Outdoor
                  (see Indian/Cowboy/Cowgirl Section)
7:00 - 8:30 - Trail Ride
4:00 - 7:30 - Chili & Beans Get Ready - Bilski Brothers
                      (see Chili and Beans Section)

10/17 Saturday - 

8:00 - 1:00 - Chili and Beans Cookin - Bilski  Brothers
Decorations by the 3 sisters Dolores, Mary Ann
and Helen

1:00 - 1:30 - Keith Rekieta and Dee Wilganowski
Wedding   (See Keith/Dee Wedding)

2:00                 - 1st Serving -- Chili, Beans, Cornbread

4:00                 - Polka Mass and Choir -- Father Celso Yu 
                         (See Polka Mass and Choir Section)

5:30                 2nd Serving -- Chili, Beans, Cornbread

7:00 - 10:30 - Charles Nemec Band 
(See Charles Nemec Band)

         Many Okonski relatives, friends and neighbors attended one or both days and everyone had a great time.  Visitors from New York, Hawaii, Arizona, Illinois and many cities throughout Texas enjoyed their visit.  Many stayed for the next day St Mary's Bazaar. 

        The 19th OK Jamboree had its 2nd Polka Mass with Choir at 4:00 pm on October 17, 2009.  Father Celso Yu celebrated the Mass with a Choir of 9 members singing beautiful songs and the Charles Nemec Band provided the Polka melodies (see Polka Mass and Choir and Charles Nemec Band Sections). 

         The members of the Choir were Lisa Yezak, Joyce Bielamowicz, Megan Czajkowski Chernoski, Dori Johnson, Rosemary Wilganowski, Kie Bill Czajkowski, Marvin Bielamowicz, Danny Oldham, and Bro Gene Bixler.

        The Charles Nemec Band members included Charles and David Nemec, Eddie Miller, Harold Strand, Ron Slafko, and Richard Dixon.

        Keith Rekieta and Dee Wilganowski were married at 1:00 pm (see Keith and Dee Wedding Section). 

        Everyone seemed to have formed a very quick line when announcements for "Time to Eat" were made at 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm.  The all famous and tasty Chili and Beans made by the Bilski Brothers Otto, Paul and Daniel and Cornbread made by Mary Ann Rekieta were served (see Chili and Beans Section).  All 40 gallons of chili was devoured by 6:00 pm. 

        Several attendees tested their young and older body joints and danced to their favorite Charles Nemec Band melodies.  Even Harry Paul Okonski, 95, danced and listened to his 95th "Happy Birthday". 

        Harry Okonski from Chicago Illinois made many of the past OK Jamborees and reminisced with many about the Good Ole Days on Tidwell Prairie  where he was born.  Mark Okonski accompanied his dad, Harry, and received a few more updates to the Okonski Family Tree which is currently 9 Generations dating back to 1750's.

        Again the weather was one of the best ever.  The trees and fields were lush green and provided for some excellent picture taking background for the various events.  No one got stuck or made ruts in the Hay field which was a concern. 

        Some of the B-Branch Comanche's celebrated a lot on Ocotober 16, 2009, Friday, with their various chants and dances and are anxious to see the pictures and movies made.  That Indian Invasion of the Ranch with the Cowboys/Cowgirls, and Lowboy Riders during the Trail Ride was described as one of the best Outdoor Theaters ever attended.  Their homemade clothes and bows and arrows were a sight to see.  Many are already planning for the next year Ok Jamboree.

        Many people volunteered to assist with the Getting Ready, Pitching Tents, Setting Up Decorations, Cooking Chili & Beans & Cornbread, Proving plentiful drinks and Entertainment, Placing Garbage in Trash Cans and Cleaning Up afterwards. 

        After a good night of rest, many attended the St Mary's Bazaar the next day.   Many thanks were received for a couple of days of "Just Having A-Lot of Fun".

        Hope to see everyone next year.  God Bless!

Welcome OK Jamboree                Clayton Hays Fires Canon

Polka Mass, Choir,                         Polka Mass Choir
Charles Nemec Band

Charles Nemec Band  

                    Chili & Beans Otto, Paul, & Daniel Bilski

B-Branch Comanche Indians      

Craig Davidson Roped                         
Chief Running Bull - Willie Kempenski
Chief Running Bull                               Run-Away Squaw - Virgie Kempenski


Jack & Helen Hayes                            Mary Francis, Conner, Helen

                              Trail Ride   Low Boy Riders

                2009 OK Jamboree Attendees

       Longhorn                                        Jerry & Dolores Johnson

AJ & LB Mushinski                            
  Mrs Storemski & Pam Wachel

                Chili, Beans, & Cornbread Line

Keith & Dee Rekieta                                Ed Okonski family
Paul Bilski & Eddie Okonski

Miss Pewo - Tina                                    Mr & Mrs Fred Kubiak

Mrs Talley, Howard Olexy                    Gene, Tyler, Ryan Okonski

              Ralph/Tinka Hopcus, AJ/Sophie Mushinski, 
                       Willie/Virgie Kempenski, Stella Pruitt

                                   Charles Nemec Band

Larry, Monica, Betty, Ann, Steve       
       Harry Okonski  "95"