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BHS 1965 Senior Trip

Graduation  May 16, 1965






























BHS 1964 Football

BHS 1964 Football Seniors






1964 Tigers












BHS 1965 Sports & Activities


                     BHS 1965 Track






BHS Tigers 1963

BHS 1963 Activities


BHS 1963 Homecoming



BHS 1963 Activities








BHS 1963 FFA Officers


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BHS 1962 Football






BHS 1962 Tigers

BHS 1962/63 Sophomores


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St Mary's Faculty 1961
















1952 Okonski Farms 



St Mary's Kittens -- 1958



St Mary's Kittens Coaches:  Rev Louis Wozniak, Paul Staskey

1st Row R-L: 20 Gene Okonski, 1 Tony Bielamowicz, 24 Robert Stawnicz,  5  Donnie Pruitt, 21 Tony Filar, 9 John Turlak, 
         8 Jerry Nieswiadomy, 11 Howard Bielamowicz, 6 Edmund Syzdek

2nd Row R-L:  Asst. Butch Wachel, 19 George Wachel,    3 ?, 11 Cleto Martinez, 15 Ed Czajkowski,     7 ?,
          23 Marion Snowball Glasgow

3rd Row R-L:  Coach Rev Louis Wozniak,     2 James Bartkowiak, 18 Herman Glascow,  10  Ike Barkowiak, 

            4 Bernard Hopcus,  13 Norman Rozycki, 22 Daniel Melcer,  16 Daniel Lehoski, Coach Paul Staskey




Monsignor Zientek 50th Anniversay




St Mary's Catholic Church thru 1971









BHS 1965 Alumni 

40th Reunion 

October 15, 2005














BHS 1965  40th  Reunion  October 15, 2005


BHS 1965 Alumni                                                           Antoine, Joan, Bernadine

Leona, Carol, Clara                                                                          Jean, Bernadine, Tony


Howard, Edmund, Patsy, John, John, Antoine                                                   Julian, Joan, Bernadine


John, Julian, Dorothy                                                                                   BHS 1965 Bunch

Tony, Bernadine


BHS 1965 45th Reunion/Activities


New Tiger Football Scoreboard

   BHS Class of 1965 as a Sponsor  

       A new Football Scoreboard has recently been installed on the Bremond Tiger Field.  One of the participating sponsors is the Bremond High School Class of 1965.  Other sponsors are Coburn Pharmacy, First Star Bank and Walnut Creek Mining Company.

            Standing next to the new Tiger Scoreboard representing the BHS Class of 1965 are: (L-R 1st row) Bernadine Hopcus (Wachel),  Virginia Bane (Berger), (2nd row)  Dr Fred Kuzniarek, Gene Okonski, Tony Bielamowicz, Antone Wiezbicki Jr., James Hailey,  and Chuck Caskey.

            Forty five years ago, in 1964, several of the guys played football for the Bremond Tigers.  In 1964, Bremond beat Groesbeck 11 to 8 with 1 minute and 37 seconds left on the clock (notice the score and time on the new Tiger Scoreboard) resulting in 8 wins and 0 losses.  They won their Homecoming defeating Calvert 49 - 0, Franklin 12 - 6, Fairfield 6 - 0 , Crawford 36 -0.  However,  Rosebud, another 8 - 0 team, defeated Bremond the following week and went to Semi-Finals.  In 1964,  Bremond moved to Class A from Class B which would have been equivalent to current  Class 2 A.  Only one team per district was allowed to advance to playoffs.  They also won District in 1962 and 1963 which resulted in 24 wins and 8 losses  for 1962 -1964 seasons with many as shutouts or losses of 6 points or less making Bremond a well known football town in Central Texas.  The first year for the Tiger colors of Red and White was 1963.  Several also played football on the 1958 St Mary's Kittens team coached by Monsignor Louis Wozniak.

            Several of the BHS Class of 1965 Graduates live,  own a business, or have Farms/Ranches in the Bremond area.  Others located throughout Texas and several other states  visit Bremond on a frequent basis and contribute to the various major events/activities in Bremond each year.  The BHS Class of 1965 was one of the largest graduating classes of BHS. Many have received various level degrees or specialized technical training, resulting in many very successful careers.  Some have retired from one career, started their second career, and are just enjoying life and spending quality time with their parents, children, and grand children.  The BHS 1965 Class  is thankful for the level of quality education it received  from St Mary's School, the Bremond Elementary and Bremond High School during the "Good Ole Days".  They remember the days of being raised on the farms with many chores before and after school classes. Going to town on a Saturday for the Big Prize Drawings, getting a coke float at the Fountain Drug Store or going to the Picture Show to include movie, popcorn and a soda for 25 cents were some of the favorite memories.  Many were from very large families  whose  Grandparents and Great Grandparents were some of the early settlers in Bremond during the 1860's to 1880's. 

            BHS Class of 1965 will be celebrating their 45th Class Reunion in 2010.  The BHS 1965 graduates were: Gene Okonski, Tony Bielamowicz, James Hailey, Chuck Caskey, Dr Fred Kuzniarek, Antone Wierzbicki Jr., Virginia Bane (Berger), Bernadine Hopcus(Wachel), Patsy Kasprowicz (Nesbit), Stella Pruitt (Bench), John Black, Howard Biel, John Turlak, Theresa McGilvray (Mikolajewski), Clara Keel (Swick), Agustine Bielamowicz (Chmiel), Bernadine Zan (Yezak), DaNette Andreski (Harris), Herman Duhr Jr., Evelyn Rosas (Slafka), Mary Ann Champion (Rozycki), Leona Lozano (O'lexy), Joan Okonski, Edmund Syzdek, Julian Jadlowski, Dorothy Lindberk (Kozak), Barbara Jean Luna (McMahon), Floyd Lott, Johnnie Gouge (Slafka), Carol Kasowski (Scott), Bernadine Kitchen (Wilganowski), Janice Dailey (Melcer), Mike Swick-deceased, Frank Muzyka- deceased, Ronnie Wynn - deceased.

            BHS Class of 1965

BHS Class of 1965
a sponsor of new Tiger Scoreboard in 2009

NOTE:  Bremond 11, Grosbeck 8
with 1 minute 37 seconds left in 1964







JUNE 26, 2010

R- L  Gene Okonski, James Hailey, Clarence Bodiford, Tony Bielamowicz



Dorothy Lindberg (Kozak), Theresa McGilvray (Mikolajewski), Johnnie Gouge (Slafka), Antoine Wierzbicki Jr, Clara Keel (Swick), Augustine Bielamowicz (Chmiel), Virginia Bane (Berger), Gene Okonski, Chuck Caskey, James Hailey, Tony Bielamowicz, Leona Lozano (Olexy), Dr Fred Kuzniarek




HS 1965 Float                                                                                       




Gene Okonski,    Tony Bielamowicz,    James Hailey








Clarence Bodiford                                                    Polish Day Parade  6/26/2010




BHS 1965 in Polish Day Parade









BHS 1965 Polish Day Parade









BHS 1965




Float Prep at 3B Sawmill                                                              Tools 50/60's








Tony Bielamowicz - Bike / Tools Tie Down





Don Bodiford                                                                               Bodiford Tractors










Polish Pickle Thief Captured                                                      Hot Mama's Pickle Makers




Polish Day Parade                                                                 Tire - No Blow Out