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Favorite One Liners  (Polish ,  English)        

We need Okonski favorite One-Liners.  Send yours via email to armco2@sbcglobal.net.

 These Favorite-One-Liners are only a few that have been heard by several generations of Okonskis.  Notice that the first column of the Polish/English section is probably not the proper spelling in some cases, and many have an English/Texan slang to it (was written this way for pronounciation purposes).  The English meaning is the second column.  We need some good Polish translator for the 3rd column or the Polish version.  Your volunteered assistance will be most appreciated for getting the proper converted Polish section. More time is needed for verifying the spelling for these sections.  We also would be appreciative of any additional famous Polish-One-liners.   

 Favorite One Liners  (Polish ,  English)     

            Polish/English Stmt                                      English                      Polish

01.    One yest boyanci                                           He is scary

02.     Nie tak Zapatchi                                          Do not keep staring

03.     Ah wanna tak shuka I shuka                        And she is searching & searching

04.     Sh-h-h-h   Wonna  swicha shiska             Quiet.  She hears everything

05.     Chemuz ti tak pakowa                               Why did you keep stuffing

06.     One yest zamichilloni                           He is absent minded

07.     Psicj schekium                                        Dogs are barking        

08.     Anna Yashik                                             And once again

09.    Zade shie   Dyk Dyk                                      Turn wide   More More

10.    Cranchibaba commin                                          Twister coming

11.    Mamo,. Dzie som moya powki             Mama, where are my pants

12.    Stiht!  Stiht!   Stiht!                                    Shame, shame, shame

13.    Viplou                                             Spit out

14.    Sh-h-h-h   One swithch shiska             Quiet. She hears everything

15.    Gdzie som te djechuki                              Where are those kids

16.    One pawli                                               Heís smoking

17.    Ma-Mo-o-o-o-o   Ma-mo-o-o-o-o-o-o           Call for Mama, Mama

18.    Nie Taraz                                               Not know

19.    One nima Wazumniea                        He has no sense

20.    Zabich te Mohe                                   Kill that fly

21.    Zest ti swisha                                             Where did you hear

22.    Dzie Wonna Yesta Taraz                         Where is she know

23.    Mawi Diebook                                        Little devil

24.    Ale Smakuje Sie                                    Very tasty

25.    Won Sie Utopie                                  He will drown

26.    Wana Paskudno Jesta[                        She is not pretty

27.     Eachma na Rybi                                     Lets go fishing

28.    Ty Mos Tickca                                  You got a tick

29.    One mo Quis                                                Heís got flees

30.    Klowy Majum Bluboxie                               Cows got blue bugs   

31.    To Som Smykie                                          Here is some snakes

32.    Neah!                                                         No

33.    Plenzie!  Tutaj Drapach   Troshka Nado           Hurry. Scracth here.  Little lower

34.    Sza, che yesta                                               What is wrong with you

35.    Ktora godzina                                                     What time

36.    Nie smiac sie                                                   Donít you laugh

37.    Nie lubium                                             Do not like

38.    Gdzie moje gatchie                                  Where are my underwear

39.    Itch vi compacz sombia                                 Go take a bath

40.    Na Ribi poyedzema                                      Fishing we will go

41.    Sh --- Sh Pscij schekium                             Quiet .  Dogs are barking

42.    Zamknie tan bidsidwa                             Turn off that noise maker

43.    Pa Yayawa                                                     Drove away

44.    Gdzie som tha konya                                   Where are those horses

45.    Tie masz ticksa vew quowa                       You have a tick in your head

46.    Gdzie som twoya Boottie                                 Where are your boots

47.    Antek switcha                                                     Antoine listens

48.    Su Nuf                                                       Sure enough

49.    Gdze yest tan cowza                                  Where is that goat

50.    Szmeka gone get you                                            Snake going to get you

51.    Tan Diebo Cagoot                                           That terrible rooster

52.    Swiches Tin Sauwa                                  Hear that owl

53.    A le ludjie pachum,                                        People are looking

54.    Sick Em                                                  Go get him                

55.    Ta Ta Yiesta                                              Who is that

56.    Niebi one sie goopiya                                          Maybe he is going crazy

57.    Vie Plou te gumza                                   Spit that gum out

58.    Ch Ha Bunch                                              Be Quiet

59.    Scritz   Scritz                                               Hide Hide

60.    Zabich te Mohaw                                         Kill that fly

61.    Itch da Domow                                         Go home



  1. S-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y!

  2. Hello-o-o!   Hel-lo-o-o-o-o!   Hel-lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

  3. What Chew Want!

  4. Watch What You Doin!

  5. Now Let Me Tell You Somethin!

  6. I'm Going to Beer Joint!

  7. Go Soak It!

  8. What's Wrong With You!

  9. Who-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

  10. Mel-l-o-o-n!  Me-e-e-e-e-el-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n!

  11. Get Real!

  12. Where Are You!

  13. Let's Go To Potte!

  14. Precious!

  15. Exactly!

  16. Whatever!

  17. How Much!

  18. Who Gives a Big Rats!

  19. I'm Telling Daddy - You Wait!

  20. I'll Get 'em!

  21. That Low Down!

  22. I'm Blowed Up!

  23. Just Wait - I'm Going to Get You in Bed!