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Keith & Dee Rekieta Wedding

                  October 17, 2009

        Keith Rekieta and Dee Wilganowski were married at 1:00 pm on October 17, 2009.  Mr Fred Wilganowski walked his daughter Dee down the road after the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.  Wedding was held at the Okonski Ranch on Tidwell Prairie.  Many guests attended the outdoor wedding and enjoyed the event.  The weather could not have been any better. 

        After a meal of Chili Beans and Cornbread, many stayed for the Polka Mass at 4:00 pm and for the evening entertainment provided by the Charles Nemec Band.  The pictures below can best explain everyone's enjoyment and happiness:

Keith & Dee Rekieta
Newest Niece added to OK Family Tree

Welcome OK Jamboree                                            Ceremony & Dance Floor 

Keith & Kevin                                                                        Keith & Kevin

                                                             Dee & Bridesmaids

                                                            Wedding Guests

                                                            Wedding Guests

                                                            Wedding Guests


                                                Dee & Dad Fred Wilganowski

                                                Dee & Dad Fred Wilganowski

                                                                Wedding Party

                                                                Wedding Party

                                                                Wedding Party

                                                                Wedding Party

Clayton Hays Fires Canon                                          Wedding Party

Bride & Bridesmaids                                                Groom & Bridesmaids

                                                             Bride & Groomsmen

Dee & Keith, Kristen                                                Dee & Keith    Mr & Mrs Stanley Rekieta
Mr & Mrs Stanley Rekieta                                       Mr & Mrs Fred Wilganowski

Dee & Keith                                                                    Dee & Keith, Dee's Grandma
Mr & Mrs Fred Wilganowski & family

Dee & Keith, Mr/Mrs Ed Filar                                    Dee on tractor, Keith behind plow

Dee & Keith on steps                                                    Keith & Dee on swing
House 120 years+

Mrs Storemski, Pam Wachel                                    Chili Line - Fred Wilganowski
                                                                                           Eddie Okonski, Paul Bilski

Brenda & Randy Yanowski                                        Chili , Beans, Cornbread Line

Chili - Dee Rekieta                                                        Keith & Dee Rekieta
Eddie Okonski, Paul Bilski                                            Eddie Okonski, Paul Bilski

Polka Mass                                                                            Choir

Choir & Charles Nemec Band                                        Charles Nemec Band

                                                               Charles Nemec Band