Kiszone Ogorke
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Kiszone Ogorke  

                             Polish Brine Cured Dill Pickles

                         4-5 inch clean cucumbers  4 lbs
4 5 Tblsp pickling salt
2 3 Tbsp Vinegar
1-2 Tbsp Sugar
3 Stalks Dill
3 5 buds garlic
8 cups water  

                                                Makes 1 Gallon  or 2 qts

           Wash and drain cucumbers
Soak in cold water 2 3 hours
Heat water with salt, sugar, and vinegar  and let cool off   -- not boil
Dill and garlic in jar
Pack cucumbers standing up in jar
Pour juice in jars till cucumbers are all covered
Place cheese cloth and let stand at room temperature 7 to 10 days

            Can use aluminum foil and jar lid  to work out

             Do not keep jar top tight and must keep cucumbers covered with water