Ogorki Cebula i Smietana
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            Ogorki Cebula i Smietana

 Cucumbers Onion in Sour Cream

 Ed & Helen Okonski
Ancestors Recipe

Mary Ann Okonski Rekeita

                6 Medium or 4+ inch Cucumers
3 Tblsp  Vinegar
Tsp Mustard
3 4 Tbsp sliced sweet onion (1015, Purple, Yellow)
1 Tsp Sugar
1 cup Sour Cream

            With paring knife, remove cucumber peelings.  Slice cucumbers up in 1/8 inch slices.

            Slice and cut up sweet onion for 3 4 Tbsp

            Place 1 cup sour cream in bowl large enough to hold all ingredients

            Mix 3 Tblsp Vinegar, tsp Mustard and 1 Tsp Sugar with Sour Cream

            Mix Cucumbers and 3 4 Tbsp sliced Onion with other ingredients

            Best if refrigerate for 2 3 hours before eatingGreat salad dish for any Lunch or Dinner Spread.