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The Bilski Brothers from Brenham , Texas have made their special known Ok Bilski Chili and Beans for the past 17 years at the Okonski Jamboree in Bremond , Texas each mid October.  Otto, Paul, Daniel and Deceased Pete, the Bilski brothers seem to make "One of the Best Chili and Bean" Dishes that many people look forward to having each October for many years.  Hot Cornbread with little butter and a dish full of Ok  Bilski Chili and/or Beans wets everyone's lips and satisfies their appetite.  Many have asked for their recipes, so we have attached one for approximately 450 servings.  All  you have to do is divide what amount of your servings are into the attached recipe ingredient amounts for 450 servings and maybe "Yours will taste like Theirs".  If you cannot perform this task, you should probably not try making any edible Chili. 
The Bilski Brothers usually gather a crowd around their Cooking Area to get the latest updates on the Cowboys, the latest jokes, most recent fishing and hunting accomplishments, and exactly what ingredients they place in their Chili and Bean pots.
Of course, there are many other important parts of the chili making process such as ongoing tasting, having plenty of assistance, right servers, finding the best certified Angus chili meat properly thawed, finding the Pecos Chili Mix and all other special seasoning ingredients, having someone like Nancy Bilski cutting/blending the various ingredients such as onions, garlic, parsley, celery,  mariyonka, etc., and especially right atmosphere to get the job done.  Having some key contacts for joining the Bilski Brothers such as Willie Kempenski, Cody Bahr, Jeff Bilski and other Okonski/Bilski friends provides for an adequate crew to assist the Bilski Brothers with whatever may be necessary.  You also must have a big Grupa (black metal pot) and some homemade pecan wood stirs with 4 -5 hours of cooking time to  get the job done right.   
See below OK Bilski Chili recipe. Beans recipe by Daniel Bilski and cornbread recipe by Mary Ann Okonski Rekieta to come at a later date.  
More to article at later date and some pictures below.

(450 servings)

125  LBS  --  Certified Prime Organic Angus  Chili Beef
3 Gals  --  Crushed Tomatoes
1 Gal  --  Tomato Paste
20 Pkgs --  Pecos Chili Mix
1/2  Jar --  Chili Powder
1/2 Jar -- Ground Black Pepper
4   -- Cloves of Garlic
10 --  Medium Size Onions
4 --  Bunches of Celery
Some Mariyonka, Parsley  

Other Requirements:

40 Gallon Grupa (Black Pot)
Small stuff chopped and/or blended
2  Pecan Wood Stir Sticks
3  Person Stirrers, 2 Tasters, 2 Servers

Best with Homemade Cornbread and Butter

Otto & Paul Bilski Getting Ready                                    Indians Waiting to Help

Otto & Paul Bilski w B-Branch Comanches                      Bean Man - Daniel Bilski Captured

Bilski Brothers - Otto, Paul, Daniel                                    Bean Man - Daniel Bilski
OK Jamboree   Bremond, TX

OK Bilski Chili   Otto & Paul Bilski                         OK Bilski Chili - Otto & Paul w 40 gal Grupa

First Serving-- 2:00pm   LB & AJ Mushinski       Paul Bilski & Eddie Okonski - serving, Theresa Peck

Chili Line at OK Jamboree                                                 Newly weds - Keith & Dee Rekieta

Ed, Greg, Darlene, Sam, Brian, Conner Okonski