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OK Jamboree 2009

  Polka Mass & Choir

        On October 17, 2009, the 2nd annual Polka Mass was held at 4:00 pm with Father Celso Yu officiating. The Charles Nemac Band  provided the Polka music with Charles and David Nemac, Eddie Miller, Harold Strand, Ron Slafko, and Richard Dixon as participants (see 2009 Polka Band section).  The Polka Mass Choir members were Lisa Yezak, Joyce Bielamowicz, Megan Czajkowski Chernoski, Dori Johnson, Rosemary Wilganowski, Kie Bill Czajkowski, Marvin Bielamowicz, Danny Oldham, and Bro Gene Bixler.

        The mass was intended for all the Living and Deceased Okonski's, relatives friends and neighbors.  The Choir provided excellent songs as Charles Nemec Band played the various Polka melodies.  Everyone enjoyed the Polka Mass and is looking forward to another one next year.  Several of the pictures taken during the Polka Mass are below:

Polka Mass -- Father Celso Yu, Choir, Chas Nemec Band

Polka Mass Choir

Charles Nemec Band & Polka Mass Choir


Communion to Choir          Charles Nemac, Eddie Miller, Harold Strand

              Mass attendees
                       Mass Attendees

Harry Okonski                                      Robert Yanke Server

Polka Mass Choir                              Charles Nemec Band