Okonski Family (Familia)

The OKONSKI FAMILY  is in the process of developing this website.   Gene Okonski, in Houston/Bremond, Texas (email [email protected]) and cousin Mark Okonski in Chicago, IL (email [email protected]) have been working on the family tree of Mathias Okonski born on February 23, 1844 in Slabomierz, Prussia-Poland (see Okonski Origin).  Early 2006, Mathias Okonski father, Jacob Okonski, and grandfather, Jacob Okonski, both born in Poland, were added to the Okonski Family tree.

 Visiting with relatives, accessing information from various internet files, and church records were the primary sources for building the Okonski Family Tree. Much work is yet to be done  and our hope is to organize some volunteers to contact many of the Okonskis in the USA and  Poland to determine if any relationship to our Family.  Emphasis in 2006 will be to continue building the OkonskiFamily web site www.okonskifamily.com  with information provided by various Okonskis especially "Favorite Polish Eats", "Old Time Remedies", "Good Ole Jokes" and various Okonski Family Summaries with photos.  Any Okonskis that have started a family tree will be welcome to place thier information on this website & can continue to coordinate their portion and serve as Branch Masters.

Visit our various pages.  Your efforts to contact/visit other Okonski family members for possible relationship information, additional information for our various sections, and any corrections or feedback on the web site will be most appreciated.