Did You Know

Grapefruit From Scratch

One of the nearby Okonski neighbors in Bremond, Texas grew a Grapefruit Tree from a lemon seed. Mr & Mrs Fred Kubiak are standing in front of their Grapefruit Tree next to their house in Bremond, Texas. As Mrs. Kubiak finished using her fresh lemons, she would take the seed and throw it in the flour bed on the south east side of their home. Soon after, some nice little very green bush appeared and kept growing & growing. The light from the carport area may have helped the nice bush from freezing in the winter. The tree grew very quickly into a nice thick shade tree. All of a sudden some fruit appeared on the tree in clusters of 2 to 6 and kept growing and growing. Its very obvious they are good looking grapefruit. As soon as some turn somewhat orange, they will be gathered and eaten or utilized for a tropical drink of some sort. The Kubiaks have tasted one in October and said they taste very sweet. The fruit were difficult to see since the tree has many branches with many many leaves. Fruit are difficult to see until almost ready for harvesting(see Mr & Mrs Fred Kubiak in front of Grapefruit Tree)