Kanapka-Tomato & Onion Sandwich

Pomidors & Cebula Kanopka
Tomatoes & Onion Sandwich
Okonski’s Favorite
Summer Time Sandwich

Gene Okonski                   2 Homegrown Refrigerated Tomatoes
½ Head Sweet Onion (1015, Purple, Yellow)
Salt & Black Pepper
Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing
Bread (Homemade, Millit Wheat Bread with                                                                                                  Sunflower/Pumpkin/Poppy Seeds or Any Bread)

For 2 Sandwiches
Spread mayonnaise or salad dressing on 4 pieces of Bread
Slice refrigerated tomatoes and place on Bread
Slice sweet onion and place on tomatoes
Salt and Pepper generously to taste
Cover with other slice of Bread
Repeat above for 2nd sandwich
Place both sandwiches on plate
Enjoy eating with your favorite Ice Cold Drink
Great Refreshing Sandwich during Hot Summer Days