Kwasna Kapusta-Sauerkraut

Late Ed & Helen & Okonski Ancestors Recipe
Okonski Brothers & Sisters
Kwasna Kapusta Dzien
Okonski Ranch
May 30, 2008  

Cabbage Cuttin
Sauerkraut 20 Qts
2009 sauerkraut

Gene Okonski

30 Heads Medium size Fresh Cabbage

2 Good size Cabbage Cutters

Several Paring Knives

Several Large Pots & Pans for Scalding Cabbage with boiling water

(could use 48 qt cooler)

Couple wood cutting boards

Salt, Muscadine Green Grapes, Dill

Clean Quart and/or Pint Jars and New Lids/Rings

Pick or find some good looking cabbage.     Cut off ends and cut out any damaged spots.

Shred all the cabbage.     Cut up any large leaves with pairing knives on wood cutting boards.

Place shredded cabbage in pot or pans and put 1 Tablespoon salt in cabbage.

Mix and pound on it until little wilted.

Have boiling water ready

Pour boiling water over prepared cabbage until covered

Let stand 10 minutes or longer

Dip jars in hot water and dip dill and green grapes in hot water

Place cabbage in hot jars and add dill and green grapes to bottom, middle, and top

Everything needs to be hot at all times.

Slightly pack jars or just shake cabbage down

Pour salted boiling water into jars of kraut.

Make sure all jars of kraut have boiling water from bottom to top

Seal jars with hot lids and rings

Place jars for 2 to 3 weeks in safe and somewhat normal temperature place.

Jar lids should have bubble in center initially and will pop and become flat if sealed

Some people relax and count the popping noises to see if all jars have sealed

If a jar continues to pop, you may have to dispose since lid did not seal properly

Ready to Eat after 2 to 3 Weeks

Puncture hole in lid to let pressure release before opening jar

Sauerkraut Goes Great with:

  1. Polish Sausage, Black-Eyed Peas
  2. Pork Ribs, Homemade Dumplings, Black-Eyed Peas
  3. Hot Dog or Polish Sausage Wrap Arounds
  4. Fried Round Steak, Gravy, Homemade Bread

Let us know your favorite Sauerkraut meals.

Kwasna Kapusta Dzien

Okonski Ranch


May 30, 2008

Cabbage in Garden
Cabbage in Garden
Cabbage Cutter Early 1900’s
Cabbage and Cutter Setup
Scalded Cabbage
Sauerkraut Process Line Helen, Mary Ann, Ed, Larry
Helen and Larry Stuffing Jars
Larry Stuffing Dill & Grapes
Relax & Listen for Popping Lids Mary Ann, Ed, Dolores, Larry, Gene Dry Bean Saloon May 31, 2008

May 30, 2009  Kwassna Kapusta Dzien  -- Sauerkraut Day

Helen, Mary Ann, and Jack Cutting Cabbage
Helen, Mary Ann, and Jack Cutting Cabbage
Gene Cutting Cabbage
Mary Ann and Helen w Muscadine Green Grapes
Shredded Cabbage in Solution
Jack Cutting Dill
Helen & Mary Ann w Stove and Juice
Helen Stuffing Dill and Grapes
Jack with Shredded Cabbage
Jack, Helen, Mary Ann Stuffing on Fresh Home-cooked Vegetables