Mama’s Polski Slodkie Pikle-Mama’s Polish Sweet Pickles

Mama's Polski Slodkie Pikle

Mama's Polish Sweet Pickles


Small Batch       Large Batch

   4                                24                cups of water
2                                12                cups of vinegar
1 1/2                            7 1/2           tsp salt
1                                  6                 tsp pepper
1                                  6                 tsp garlic powder
2                                12                 Tblsp pickling spice
3/4 cup                           5 lb             sugar
3-4 muscadine green grapes and plenty of dill per jar

Wash small cucumbers.  If picked earlier than that day, soak in warm and handful of salty water for 3 hours.  Jars and lids and rings must be clean.  Slice large pickles into halves or quarters.
Let water come to a boil and put cucumbers in and leave until they change color.  Have jars ready & hot by rinsing jars out with juice water.   Place pickles halfway.  Place 3-4 muscadine green grapes and dill in each jar.  Fill with pickles.

Pour juice out of jar back into boiling pot.

Do rest of jars.

Put boiling juice in all jars till covering all pickles.  Put hot lids and rings and screw on tight.

Ready to eat in one week!