Okonski Ranch — Tx Family Land Heritage — 100 Years

                100 Years Texas Family Land Heritage Certificate – Okonski Ranch

                                    Austin, Texas  —  October 30, 2018

  The Okonski Ranch received the 100 Years Texas Family Land Heritage Certificate at the Capital in Austin, Texas on October 30, 2018.     The Okonski Ranch was founded in 1892 and was owned and operated by three generations of the Okonski Family and visited many times by six generations of the Okonski Family.

   Current owner and operator, Gene Okonski, and son, Kevin Okonski, were presented the Texas Family land Heritage Certificate of Honor by Sid Miller, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture in the House of Representative’s Chamber.

                           Larry, Mary Ann, Dolores, Helen, Gene

    Five of the siblings born and raised at the Okonski HomePlace attended the Presentation and BBQ Luncheon on October 30, 2018.  Above are some of the pictures taken that day and below is the successful story for operating and caretaking of the Okonski Ranch by several generations of Okonski farmers and ranchers for more than 100 years.

                Joseph Okonski, born March 15, 1871 in Znin, Poland, left at 20 months old with parents, Macij and Marianna Okonski aboard vessel “Cambria”. They arrived at Ellis Island on October 4, 1873 and migrated to Pennsylvania.  They sailed to Galveston, Tx in 1880 and wagon train to Bremond, Tx.

                Joseph married Victoria Storemski on November 16, 1892.  Victoria’s parents’, Albert and Francis Storemski , gave Victoria and Joseph 25 acres of land, home, and buildings for their wedding present and sold them 29 acres. They raised 10 children at “Okonski HomePlace” with 100.5 acres. 

                 Joseph raised corn, tobacco, livestock, poultry, tomatoes, harvested wood and sold logs from his sawmill.  

                                “Okonski Homeplace” in early 1921

             Edward L Okonski was born August 8, 1906 and married Helen Novak on November 12, 1929.  They stayed at the “Okonski HomePlace” while parents moved one mile west. Seven children were born in the “Okonski HomePlace” .  Edward raised livestock, corn, cotton, turkeys, and tomatoes.

            Gene Okonski, son of Edward and Helen, purchased all property of the original 100.5 acres between 1978 and 2004 from parents and siblings.  Gene raises cattle, coastal hay and oats and has been actively involved in Okonski Ranch since early 1950’s.

Gene’s son, Kevin, his wife Sherry, and grandsons Tyler and Ryan are also enjoying the “Okonski HomePlace and Ranch”.

                                   Okonski HomePlace -2008 – Crib built in 1891             

Ed, Joe, Gene, Dolores, Larry, Mary, Helen Okonski            Kevin, Sherry, Tyler, Ryan

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