Old Time Remedies

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These usually worked for many Okonskis.


  1. Heal open small wound, puncture or cut - Monkey Blood, better known as mercurochrome.

  2. Sore throat, cough, flu - gargle with warm salt water and drink a "Hot Toddy" - prepare half a cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice, one to two tablespoons of honey (preferably made in your living area), and a small shot of whiskey.

  3. Stomach ache with headache - teaspoon of castor oil with or without orange juice.

  4. Chest ache & flu symptons - rub green salve or Vicks on throat, chest and back with a dab of Vicks in the nose.

  5. Bee or wasp sting - slice a piece of juicy onion and place on top of sting for several minutes.

  6. Hiccups - swallow teaspoon of sugar or hold breath for a minute.

Things that Work

  1. Keep shoes or feet dry - place bread bag or equivalent sized bag over shoes and rubber band or tie with soft string (not too tight).

  2. Raincoat substitute - take 33-gallon plastic bag and cut 6-8 inch oval in bottom of bag for neck and 4-6 inch oval cut on each side, approximately two inches from bottom of bag.  Place arms and head through bag.

  3. Rain needed - catch and kill snake in area and hang on second or third barb wire fence for two to three inches of rain.

  4. Wish come true - find an unusual small chicken egg.  Make wish before throwing over roof of house.  Make sure it breaks, or throw it again.